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Messes: 18.00 en semaine - 8.00 | 10.00 | 18.00 Le dimanche & jours de fêtes
Sq. Frère-Orban 3, 1000 Bruxelles
Messes: 18.00 en semaine - 8.00 | 10.00 | 18.00 Le dimanche & jours de fêtes
Sq. Frère-Orban 3, 1000 Bruxelles
Map of the Leopold district of 1858

History of the construction of the church

The Saint-Joseph church, pearl of the historical heritage of Brussels, was built in the Leopold district following the extension of the city and thanks to the political will of King Leopold I (1790-1865). It was dedicated to Saint Joseph, patron saint of Belgium for more than 335 years. Indeed, at the request of King Charles II of Spain, on April 19, 1679, in the bull Examina pietas, Pope Innocent XI officially proclaimed Saint Joseph patron and protector of Belgium, at the time "United Belgian Provinces", therefore more than 150 before the independence of the country in 1830.

3-Bx Innocent XI (1611-1689)
Blessed Innocent XI (1611-1689)
4-Charles II d'Espagne (1661-1700)
Charles II d'Espagne (1661-1700)
5-Léopold Ier (1790-1865)
King Léopold Ier (1790-1865)

The Golden Years of the Redemptorist Convent

The Redemptorist Fathers are an apostolic congregation, and in 75 years they have preached over 1,900 retreats and missions. One of the first was that which was to prepare royal princes for first communion and confirmation. Indeed, between 1901 and 1909, the palace of the Marquis of Assche (current Council of State) was the residence of members of the royal family, Prince Albert (1875-1934) and Princess Elisabeth (1876-1965), future rulers. The future King Leopold III (1901-1983) and the Regent Charles (1903-1983) were born there.

Brother Orban's Square
33-La cloche Leopoldina
Leopoldina Bell

History of the bells of St. Joseph's Church

For fifteen centuries, the sound of bells has punctuated the lives of people, believers or not. In many municipalities, it is very common to hear the bells ringing several times a day, morning, noon and evening, at the time of the Angelus, as well as on the occasion of the various religious ceremonies. They can also ring out in the event of a fire or during major events such as the liberation, the election of a pope, etc.

église Saint Joseph

SQ. frère-orban 3,
1000 – Bruxelles

Asbl Saint-Joseph

Rue de la concorde 37,
1050 – Ixelles

ASBL Saint-Joseph  – Mentions légales

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